Yes, police officers in uniform are allowed to eat in public in S’pore

It is just not so common a practice.

By Belmont Lay | March 20, 2017

Just because you don’t see it often or ever, doesn’t mean it is not allowed.

Men and women serving in the police force are usually seen buying takeaway food from eateries and food centres and are seldom seen eating publicly while in uniform.

Some common interpretations of this long-standing practice include: This is done out of courtesy, or because it has been an industry practice, to how it might be a safety issue as the thinking is that a police officer who is eating is letting his or her guard down and might be in a more vulnerable position.

Well, turns out this is more an urban myth because there is no regulation that prohibits a uniformed police officer from eating in public.

This is according to a post by Hougang Neighbourhood Police Centre:

Residents of Hougang would have most likely seen police officers in the area having their meals in coffee shops and fast food restaurants.

This is also apparently done to enable the police to interact with the residents in the neighbourhood over meals.

And it is perfectly fine and there are no prohibitions against it.

Now you know.


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