Uber driver was incredibly angry when passenger was supposedly late for pick up

We only have one side of the story though.

By Mandy How | March 7, 2017

With more and more incidents of driver-passenger spats being put up on social media, surely we should have learnt to be more civil when caught in such situations, no?

Apparently not.

This incident went particularly viral, with more than 2,000 shares in six hours. Of course, we wouldn’t call it minor per se, what with all the rage and F-bombs involved.

A video was posted by passenger Kelly Lim, which showed only part of the altercation:

What went down

The Uber driver, Ling, insisted that his passenger was 10 minutes late. However, Lim accused him of being very rude when asking for the reason behind her lateness.

In her post, Lim asserts that the car app stated that the driver would only reach in 10 minutes. She had booked the car at 8.48am, and went to wait for it at 8.52am. She also claims that she had to walk some distance to the car.

It is not clear what happened before the video started. In the video, after several heated exchanges consisting of raise volumes and vulgarities from the driver, Ling told his passenger to “get out of the car” and even to “f*** off”.

Strangely enough, Lim (the passenger) also acknowledges that she took her time to come down in the video.

Her post is as follows:

uber ss

Was it a case of a technical glitch or human tardiness? Either way, netizens pointed out that both driver and passenger shared the blame:
uber comment wait 10 mins

uber ss driver one kind

This user, however, presents a different take on what may have actually happened:

Lim’s post also shared a screenshot of a $6 cancelled trip at 8.48am.

Her post has since been taken down.


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