S'pore man parts ways with StarHub in heartbreaking letter, StarHub responds super romantically


Nyi Nyi Thet| March 28, 11:12 AM

Relationships are tough — you put in your best, even put yourself out there, and still you might end up not getting the happy ending you hoped to have.

There could be a tonne of reasons for the break-up.

Feelings of neglect, different goals in life, or just taking away your significant other's 12GB data plan.

StarHub-crossed lovers

Billion-dollar telco StarHub is probably nursing just such a heartache, after a customer broke up with them over Facebook.

Like in any good break-up text, the ex-customer highlighted the good times, while also tracking the degradation of the relationship.

In case you cant read this tearjerker, here is what it said:

I loved you StarHub, loved you for a long time. Even when you cheated on me by cancelling 12 GB plan I still was with you.

But recently I found someone very special. Someone who don't give me 1000 SMS as an excuse for low data. Someone who don't love me for my money.

Someone who give me freedom to see what I want without fear to spend all my data and pay 50-80 dollars for extra GB.

My new love have green and blue colour in his eyes. Circle Life.

I hope you understand why I wanted to move on. I think one day, you will also find someone special.

Thank you for all the time we were together.

You will always be in my heart as my first telco. My little green star.



Now, StarHub could have reacted badly.

After all, they just found out the customer had run away with a younger, fresher telco.

But StarHub, instead of lashing out at their departed love, decided to take the high road.

We have always loved you. All relationships are bound to have their complications.

You may walk on the moon, but our star will still shine on you.

Down the road, if you feel that it is time for reconciliation we will be here waiting.

This is the love story of the year.


It appears the customers new love isn't too sympathetic over StarHub's loss.



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