Quick actions of SMRT staff at Somerset station saved child who turned blue

They were assisted by members of the public who responded to a call for help.

By Belmont Lay | March 15, 2017

The quick actions of two SMRT staff, a Certis Cisco security officer, a Singapore Armed Forces medic and a nurse saved the life of a young boy.

The SMRT staff and public spiritedness of those who assisted were lauded in a Facebook post on March 14.

Certis Cisco officer Punitha who was on duty at Somerset Station had noticed the crying mother and her child and alerted station manager William and assistant station manager Kuldip.

The boy’s lips had turned bluish and his eyes had stopped moving while he was with his mother.

William then tried to open the child’s mouth to ensure that his airway was not blocked and started to pat the baby gently on his back.

Kuldip made a public service announcement to seek professional help.

A SAF medic and a nurse responded to the call for assistance.

Not long after, the child started to respond. The team also advised the mother to bring the child for further medical attention at the nearest hospital.

The boy’s father, Kelvin Wong, said: “We really want to thank everyone who came forward to help. At that point in time, my wife did not know who to approach but these people came forward to help. They were very professional and we really appreciate it.”

Kuldip said: “The most important thing that was on our minds was to save the child. We cried tears of relief and joy when the child responded.”


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