Overly excited dog sucked in competition, but still wins the internet

He has won our hearts.

By Henedick Chng | March 17, 2017

In a competition, it is ok to lose, as long as you have fun and steal the show while at it.

At the recent Crufts Dog Show held in the United Kingdom (UK), one little Jack Russell terrier named Olly did just that, by losing the contest and winning everyone’s hearts.

First, some context: the Crufts Dog Show is an international event for canines that features various competitions, such as dog agility, and obedience.

In the agility competition, dogs are required to run through an obstacle course in the fastest time. Owners would train their pets for months to get their pets to clear the obstacles the right way in the fastest timing possible.

Screen grab from here.


Here is how the dogs are generally expected to perform:

With that in mind, here are some highlights of Olly’s over-excitement on the occasion.

He trips and falls:

Anyhow clear obstacles:

Forgets the course’s route:

When all was done and over with, he made a quick exit to the cheers of the adoring crowd:

Here is a clip of Olly’s performance.

To find out more about Olly, here is a clip of an interiew with Olly’s owner, Karen Parker.

Olly’s a champ.

Top image screen grab from here.

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