‘Job opening’ ad in S’pore Facebook group seeking girls to ‘make out’ for quick cash

Desperation knows no bounds.

By Guan Zhen Tan | March 6, 2017

With Facebook these days, it is easy for youths in Singapore to locate freelance and part-time jobs.

However, it has also become easier and more convenient for people who are apparently seeking out girls through Facebook posts disguised as job openings.

One Facebook user, Chelsea Spykerman, found that out and has since posted screenshots of her exchange with someone soliciting for favours in exchange for money after posting a job ad.

The “job”Ā 

Spykerman was searching for a temporary job andĀ turned to a closed Facebook group, Temporary Jobs for SG students, where postings for part-time openings can be found.

Screenshot via Chelsea Spykerman's Facebook
Screenshot via Chelsea Spykerman’s Facebook


Of course, quick cash without details does sound a little too good to be true, but this could also pass off for any event or promoter job, perhaps for an event that couldn’t be announced yet.

Spykerman then contacted the poster, who went by the name Jaron Lim, for more details.

Screenshot via
Screenshot via Chelsea Spykerman’s Facebook


That was when it started going downhill, as Lim asked if Spykerman knew what “making out” was.

Screenshot via Chelsea Spykerman’s Facebook


Lim tried to downplay the nature of the “job”, saying that there was no sex and cash would be paid on the spot.

TheĀ most desperate part about it?

Screenshot via Chelsea Spykerman’s Facebook

Yes, Lim was going to pay people for making out with him.



He had even suggested that Spykerman could possibly “earn more” because he could help her “get others”, presumably to make out with.

At this point, Spykerman didn’t hold back her words.

Screenshot via Chelsea Spykerman’s Facebook


Spykerman had even tried to dissuade Lim out of this, telling him that he could potentially be getting himself in trouble with the lawĀ should things spiral out of control.

Screenshot via Chelsea Spykerman’s Facebook

The plot thickens

So far, here’s what we know:

– Someone known as Jaron Lim posts on Facebook group meant for Singaporean students looking for a part-time job.

– Turns out to be asking girls (or any student for that fact) to make out with him for quick cash.

At this point, one might have expected this Jaron guy to stop talking to Spykerman after his niceties.

No points for guessing that he didn’t.

Screenshot via Chelsea Spykerman’s Facebook

Spykerman decided to question the man and his motives, which revealed what seemed like his true intentions, or at least, his excuse.

Lim claims to be a 23-year-old student studying in Nanyang Technological University, and had been cheated on in his previous relationship.

Spykerman feels that the information he had given her was more or less false, however, as she thinks he was already panicking at her asking for his information.

Nevertheless, she continued attempting talkingĀ Lim out of his actions, advising him to find ways out of his loneliness, so he would not have to resort to such desperate actions.

Screenshot via Chelsea Spykerman’s Facebook


Screenshot via Chelsea Spykerman’s Facebook


Still unable to show remorse or his real self, Spykerman gave him stern advice to get a grip on his life.

Screenshot via Chelsea Spykerman’s Facebook


According to her, she has blocked and reported him after making the latest update to her Facebook post.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 12.11.58 PM
Screenshot via Facebook

Looks like a fake profile anyways.


Top image adapted via Chelsea Spykerman’s Facebook

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