If an employer owes salary payments, you now have a new O$P$ avenue

Don't have to suffer in silence.

By Henedick Chng | March 6, 2017

Workers in Singapore can look forward to better avenues to seek redress over disputes with their employer soon.

In Parliament on Mar. 6, Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say confirmed that the Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management (TADM) and Employment Claims Tribunal (ECT) would start operations on Apr. 1 this year.

Employees with salary-related or other related claims, such as those involving overtime pay or maternity leave, may approach one of TADM’s two offices (at Jurong or Bendemeer) to register their complaint against their employer.

Both parties would then be required to undergo mediation to reach a settlement. If mediation fails, their case will be referred to the Employment Claims Tribunal at the State Courts for further hearing and judgement.

For cases to qualify for the ECT, the criteria below need to be met:


Source: MOM
Source: MOM


Here is an overview of the TADM to ECT process:

Source: MOM  


In his Parliamentary speech, Lim said that the TADM would offer other services to further provide assistance to workers, such as through the provision of access to free legal clinics, and financial and emotional support.

The TADM will operate a Short Term Relief Fund (STRF) provides short-term financial relief to local low wage workers, where employers are unable to repay salaries due to financial difficulties or business failure.

Here is an overview of the additional services that TADM provides:


Source: MOM 


Lim said that the setting up of the TADM and ECT are major steps in strengthening Singapore’s employment protection framework.

Top image screen grab from Gov.sg.

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