CCTV doesn’t show how spooky doll ended up on Dhoby Ghaut MRT tunnel ledge

Khaw Boon Wan said objects falling through platform gap are not common, but not uncommon either,

Belmont Lay | March 2, 2017 @ 04:02 pm

Just how the spooky doll ended up sitting by itself on the ledge in the Dhoby Ghaut MRT tunnel has not exactly been solved.

However, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan offered a plausible-sounding explanation in Parliament on Thursday, March 2.

He said that the doll may have been accidentally dropped by a commuter through the platform gap, then picked up and placed on the tunnel wall by a worker.

Khaw said: “Objects that have been dropped through the platform gap – they are not common, but not uncommon either.”

The police and Land Transport Authority found no evidence of a security breach after closed-circuit television footage was reviewed and possible track access points checked.

Khaw was responding to a question by Workers’ Party’s Non-Constituency Member of Parliament Leon Perera.

On Jan. 31, the doll was spotted by a student while boarding the MRT train on the North-South Line towards Jurong East. She posted the photo on Twitter.

The doll was removed by SMRT staff the following day.


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