5 things to touch and play with at design festival SingaPlural 2017

Don't spoil people's work okay.

By Mandy How | March 10, 2017

For those of you who are not invested in the scene, SingaPlural is an annual design festival, on-going from now till Mar. 12 at the F1 Pit Building.

As part of Singapore Design Week – an inclusive celebration open to everyone (and not just the folks in the design industry) – the event aims to raise awareness of good design, as well as deepen our understanding and appreciation of design innovation.

For an entry fee of $10, you can get to see a wide range of design disciplines, including exhibition, furniture, landscape, lighting, interior, product, user experience and graphic designs.

But as with all things that look arty-farty, one must exercise caution when visiting the designers’ work, even if it says “interactive”. Hence this handy guide on the top five installations that you actually can (and should!) touch at the festival:

1. The Waiting Room (Hall A)

waiting room 1
waiting room 2

waiting room 3

Having a life crisis? Drop by The Waiting Room, which has all your crises categorised (e.g. low self-esteem, being broke, crumbling relationships etc.), and accompanied by some neat advice.

Its humorous and tongue-in-cheek treatment to your life problems might not be the solution you’re looking for, but will definitely lighten you up.

Oh, and feel free to keep the cards.

2. Kyo (Hall B)


A space for your offspring to run free while you explore the other exhibits! Made from light yet durable wood, this is essentially a playground inspired by elements in a bowl of Japanese soup (e.g. corn and mushrooms).

3. Retail stores (Hall B)
retail 2

retailFind various booths selling not only unique and quirky items ranging from lifestyle to gifts, but also food products.

4. Drawn From Our Own Device (Hall B)

Drawn From Our Own Device 2

Drawn From Our Own Device

Ever wanted to collaborate with a robot? Drawn From Our Own Device allows visitors to design their own book cover with the help of a drawing machine. Simply draw your design on a screen and the machine will create its own rendition of it – right on the spot.

5. Stored Value (Hall C)

stored value 2

stored value

If Singapore had a particular narrative that was told in sounds, this would be it. With over 50 devices, simply tap your ez-link cards on them to listen to iconic sounds that define the Singapore audio-scape.

Some you will recognise immediately, like the ambulance siren and MRT announcement. Others, such as the karang-guni horn, will evoke a powerful nostalgia.

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