You’ll get to fly Singapore Airlines on a Scoot ticket to Sydney for the first 2 weeks of Feb

Awesomest 8-hour flight ever for these lucky passengers.

By Jeanette Tan | February 1, 2017

If any of you have ever flown from Singapore to Sydney, you would know that the journey takes roughly eight hours.

And if you’ve got a Scoot air ticket from Singapore to Sydney between Feb. 1 and Feb. 13, it seems that you might be in for one awesome treat.

According to a Facebook post by aviation enthusiast group NinerVictor, you’ll get to fly with Singapore Airlines (SIA).

And it’s not just the SIA plane that you’ll be getting, but apparently the services of the SIA crew as well, according to a follow-up comment by the page administrators on another post:

Screenshot from Facebook post
Screenshot from Facebook post

We asked Scoot why this was happening, and a spokesperson told us it’s because it’s engaged Singapore Airlines to charter Scoot’s daily Singapore-Sydney and Sydney-Singapore flights over the two-week programme.

Scoot has an ongoing engine maintenance and check programme in place with Rolls Royce (which supplies the engines for our Boeing 787 fleet) to proactively monitor the condition and technical reliability of our fleet. Consequently, aircraft utilisation across our network has been tighter than usual, resulting at times in flight delays. In order to reduce the inconvenience to our guests and ensure on-time performance, Scoot decided to engage Singapore Airlines to charter our daily Singapore-Sydney and Sydney-Singapore flights from 1-13 February. These flights will be operated with Singapore Airlines’ Boeing 772 aircraft.

Scoot is doing our best to work with Singapore Airlines to ensure that guests are provided with a product that is equitable to that provided on Scoot’s flights. Where certain products and services offered on Scoot’s flights, such as in-flight wi-fi, are not available for the chartered flights, we will make suitable alternative arrangements for our guests. We have notified affected guests of their new flight arrangements by e-mail and SMS ahead of their departures. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused to our guests and seek their kind understanding that this arrangement is undertaken with their interest in mind.

But hey, full service airline man. We’d give up Wi-Fi for that.

Screenshot from NinerVictor's Facebook post
Screenshot from NinerVictor’s Facebook post

Lucky ducks, those guys are indeed.

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Top photo: Wikimedia Commons

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