Woman alleges she bought maggot-filled Ramly burger at Hougang Bus Interchange food stall

That's kind of gross if true.

By Belmont Lay | February 17, 2017

A woman posted on Facebook on Feb. 16 a video of a Ramly burger she allegedly bought at Hougang Bus Interchange that was filled with maggots:

She withheld the name of the food stall.

In another post on the same day, she explained that her father-in-law had bought other food items from the same stall, including four burgers, six curry puffs, a packet of nasi lemak and a packet of acar buah.

She wrote that she was intending to give the burger to her child. When she removed the buns to add some cheese, she discovered the patty was covered in maggots.

However, some who have responded to her post have accused her of making unfounded allegations against the food stall and accused her instead of keeping the burger out for too long for maggots to emerge.

The woman denied the accusations against her and said she plans to report the incident to the National Environment Agency (NEA).

Traditionally, Ramly burgers are cooked on the spot. It is not known if the burger she wanted to consume was pre-cooked.

The woman’s Facebook page lists her as the founder and director of Khing’s Kebab, a restaurant in Malaysia.

This story will be updated story as and when NEA responds.


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