Check out how Lentor Forest has changed over the past few months

Civilisation: 1, Nature: 0

Zhangxin Zheng | February 04, 2017, 05:09 PM

Land clearing at Lentor (Tagore) Forest has began a few months back to make way for a new district with private housings and shopping amenities near the future Lentor MRT station as part of  Master Plan 2014.

You might have heard of this development plan to rejuvenate mature Ang Mo Kio town with more housing choices sometime last year. This development involves clearing of 30 hectares of the Lentor Forest which is approximately half the size of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. Still find it hard to visualise the scale of land clearing?

Check out this collage of photos taken in July last year (top) and Feb 1 this year (below).

According to Nature Society, this mature secondary forest is rich in biodiversity with endangered species such as the Sunda Pangolin, Sunda/Greater Slow Loris, Straw-headed Bulbul etc.

Prior to the land preparation work, animals found at this site were reportedly guided to the Central Catchment Nature Reserve in the west, or the forested area in the north.

This land preparation work is projected to take up to 5 years to build the drains, sewers and roads for this new district.

*virtual hug* to nature lovers who will miss Lentor Forest.

If you are the visual sort:

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Top photo from Singapore Tourist At Home

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