This image is not from S'pore. Post about it is fake, entirely made up. But some still duped.

What a lie.

Jonathan Lim | January 06, 2017, 11:53 AM

A Facebook post circulating a photograph supposedly showing a little girl sleeping outside an office building in Singapore, has been called out as fake.

The post in question was put up by Jafri Basron, a man who has 820 followers on Facebook and calls himself a "Civil Right Activist".

This is the post in question:



The post had over 60 shares and here are some reactions:



When one netizen questioned why Jafri did not offer help but took a photograph instead, the man responded:




Several comments on the Facebook post subsequently pointed out that this photograph was actually taken in Malaysia.



A 2014 article from 1 Malaysia News carried the photograph which was supposedly taken in Penang. The article explained that the girl looked to have a fever and was accompanying her mother who was selling kerepek, a fried snack.

Jafri last made the news when he shared his supposed exchange with Amrin Amin, Home Affairs Parliamentary Secretary and Member of Parliament for Sembawang GRC:



Which prompted a response from the MP:



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