S’porean guy writes Singlish song about our Terrexes to ease diplomatic tensions

Give Me Back My Terrex Chia.

By Mandy How | January 10, 2017

If you have been living anywhere above a rock, then news of our 9 Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicles being held at Hong Kong customs shouldn’t be news to you.

With every update on the saga, tensions run high and diplomatic relations become testier.

In a bid to lighten the situation and send out a friendly plea, Alvin Oon from Singapore composed a song, Give Me Back My Terrex Chia:



Its style is reminiscent of a classic old school Chinese song — and with Singlish thrown in to seal the approval of the masses.

Oh, and it rhymes, too:



For an added touch of professionalism, there are even background vocals:

Applause, please. For the timely injection of humour, if nothing else.


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