S’pore rules as kind couple cabs to stranger’s home at midnight just to return lost wallet

There is hope for us yet.

By Jeanette Tan | January 9, 2017

In this era of strange national referendum results, people getting unexpectedly elected to positions of power and people driving the wrong way, we start to look for a miracle — or something, anything that can give us hope.

Like this story, told by one Francis Liew: one evening, five minutes to midnight, his doorbell rang.

It was a couple, sleepy toddler draped over one shoulder, who took a taxi all the way to his home to return his daughter’s wallet, which she had misplaced barely an hour prior.

Not only did Liew’s family not make an effort to locate said lost wallet initially — they didn’t even realise it was gone, but yet they returned it to her, almost as soon as they had found it, even though it was late at night.

Plus, he wrote, it contained his daughter’s UK bank cards and her identification card — all of which would have been costly to replace and cancel.

Really, where got such people these days. But also, faith in humanity truly restored.

Kudos to this couple, who declined any form of reward or compensation — Liew instead chased them down, passed some money to the cabby and urged him to return the change to the couple.

You can read his Facebook post here. Here’s a screenshot of his post:

Screenshot from Francis Liew's Facebook post
Screenshot from Francis Liew’s Facebook post


Top photo from Francis Liew’s Facebook post.

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