PM Lee strolls into family chalet & joins their party because hey, why not?

But just so you know, this isn't an ordinary Malay family.

By Jeanette Tan | January 4, 2017

So the New Year long weekend has come, and for Twitter user Nadiah Sazali, it’s a time for her extended family to gather for a chalet stay at Aloha Changi resort.

Where she met a cat:

Oh, and also Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Here he is casually strolling into their backyard party, awkward bodyguards in tow:

“What is going on??? Oh my god, oh my god, what is happening???”

Screenshot from video
Screenshot from video

(His security officer be like, “Wait we’re really walking into a random family’s chalet? We’re — okaaaaay I guess we are.”)

And the next thing Nadiah knows, they’ve just scored a photo with him:

Now to be fair, PM Lee didn’t show up uninvited. Nadiah shared in a subsequent tweet that it was her aunt who spotted him first and called out to him to come over:

We’d like to think the following scenarios are more likely what happened, though:

1. “You forgot to pay taxes”

2. Sends email to Minister: Lepak at my chalet?
A few days later:

3. “i own this country” “what’s up”

4. “let’s get lit”

This is no ordinary family, though.

Now, here’s something we noticed — the man in the batik shirt in the front of the photo is former Member of Parliament Abbas Abu Amin:

Photo: NTUC
Photo: NTUC

He was MP of Pasir Panjang between 1980 and 1991, and here’s another bonus tidbit: he was chairman of the Football Association of Singapore from 1988 to 1991 — there’s even a Wiki page about him.

Also, his son, Ahmad Nizam Abbas, was spotted in 2006 making his rounds in Tampines GRC ahead of that year’s election. Just FYI.

Dum, dum.

But anyway, we’re saving this for posterity:

"Heyyyyyyyy guys waddup."
“Heyyyyyyyy guys waddup.”


Top photo from Nadiah Sazali’s Twitter feed

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