Dabs by Channel 8 artistes get a new lease of life with hip hop track dub

Dub a bad dab.

By Mandy How | January 12, 2017

If you thought the video of Channel 8 artistes dabbing to a Chinese New Year song was bad, we’re sorry, because here’s today’s news: A hip hop track has been dubbed over the dab.

As they say, our worst nightmares will always return to haunt us.

For a quick jog of the memory, watch the original video here:

Daniel Peters, editor at local music site Bandwagon has dubbed Bad and Boujee by hip hop trio Migos over parts of the the original video and chickily cheekily renamed Bad and Guji as a nod to the Year of the Rooster.

Here’s the 43-second video:

At this point, we’re thoroughly undecided if the dub makes it better or worse, but we expect Migos might be left wondering about the sudden influx of views from Singapore.


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