Aljunied resident writes most passive-aggressive letter of 2017 to deter neighbour from littering

Don't do again!

Nyi Nyi Thet | January 12, 2017 @ 11:22 am

Have you ever been so angry at someone that you wanted to shout at them?

Of course.

But due to a variety of societal norms and our own reservedness about confrontations, we tend to just let things slide.

But what if you are absolutely frustrated, unwilling to confront the person, yet do not want to let it slide?

You do this:

One furious letter

An experience like this surfaced in Aljunied recently, where a resident had apparently been throwing litter from their bedroom window.

An act which made another resident sufficiently infuriated to write a rather passive-aggressive notice, which was found posted in the lift of their block.

This is the letter in question:

Image from Hardwarezone
Image from Hardwarezone

The line “If you are that bastard, stop it.” is our personal favourite.

For some reason, the angry letter writer uses three different colours in the relatively short notice.

And even if we were to overlook the issues with grammar, there are some logical inconsistencies within too.

For example, since the perpetrator of the littering has been cursed with being a bai kar (handicapped), does it then mean that if the curse comes true, the letter writer would have no issue with the constant rubbish-throwing?

Until the next passive-aggressive letter then.


Top image from vivian.balakrishnan.sg adapted with image from Hardware Zone

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