24 user-generated ideas to make Mediacorp great again

Singaporeans diagnose local programming problems.

By Belmont Lay | January 2, 2017

Local television programming in Singapore looks to be in dire straits with the advent of eyeball-sucking, border-breaching Netflix and Amazon Prime Video bringing their high-production values fare to our shores.

So much so one Singaporean was moved enough to send a letter to the press airing his concern that local programmes are going to die soon:

In the face of unrelenting competition, what can one do to grow or barely retain market share?

Given that we are living in a Trumpian world, where yes is no and you do your worst to come out tops, the general public has chipped in with their two-cents’ worth on the blueprint required to make Mediacorp great again.

Here are all the the public’s diagnosis and timely advice to save local programming:

1. Show more black faces (via)

2. Write even more ridiculous scripts with stilted dialogue (via)

3. Make content that is more clinical (via)

4. Make content to target natural full-time national servicemen (NSFs) audience (via)

5. Lower electricity tariffs so people will leave their TV on (via, via)

6. Have more product placements (via)

7. Show more advertisements (via)

8. Create more villains who voice out loud every revenge thought in evil voice (via)

9. Write more scripts that allow characters to spout official government statistics on the spot (via)

10. Produce more scenes involving a police officer chasing a culprit on an empty street in Singapore only for culprit to get away (via)

11. Continue making shows to cater to those 60 years old and above (via)

12. Hire more actors and actresses who cannot act (via)

13. Continue to broadcast on television (via)

14. Make programmes only the government would watch (via)

15. Move from Tanglin to Jurong (via)

16. Make Singaporeans stay at home more to watch television (via)

17. Show more characters walking into any house, slap each other and leave without locking the gate (via)

18. Make local actors speak like they aren’t very bright (via)

19. Extend average human lifespan (via)

20. Create more preachy two-dimensional characters with moral purpose (via)

21. Avoid learning how to make shows like South Koreans and Chinese (via)

22. Reintroduce television license fee (via)

23. Ask the government to make Singaporeans watch local programmes (via)

24. Ask scriptwriter to take medicine (via)


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