Passenger’s worst Christmas ever: being lectured by Grabhitch driver, then bitten by his dog

At least service recovery was excellent.

Mandy How | December 27, 2016 @ 09:26 pm


While many of us were busy partying or spending time with our loved ones on Christmas Eve, Rushdan Eilyaas, 24, worked a 9.5hr shift that required him to be on his feet most of the time.

Travelling home after his shift, Eilyaas encountered the worst cab ride of his life, culminating in a dog bite and a hospital bill of $117.40.

Here is the series of unfortunate events, as related by the user himself:

Over the phone with the driver

Source: Facebook.
Source: Facebook.

1) The driver did not know where the pick-up location of Harbourfront centre taxi stand was, and insisted that Eilyaas walk to the side of Vivocity that was nearer to St James Powerhouse. This ended in a compromise, where they met by the bus stop in front of Vivocity a distance away from the original pick-up point.

2) Driver’s vehicle was registered as a Mercedes-Benz, but Eilyaas was told that he was driving a silver Chevrolet instead.


In the car

3) Upon arrival, Eilyaas spotted a small dog in the car (a chihuahua), which the driver had failed to mention beforehand.

4) When Eilyaas boarded, the driver told him off immediately: “Eh you no shame ah, not embarrassed ah? This is Grabhitch leh, not Grabcar you know!” Eilyaas then proceeded to the front with apologies, despite being shocked. The driver placed the dog on his own lap.

5) Once seated, Eilyaas received a notification that the driver had ended the trip, which he felt was dishonest.

6) The driver was obnoxious throughout the entire ride, lecturing Eilyaas about the “hitch culture” and claiming that he was doing the community a favour by “helping people reach their destinations” and allowing people to “sit in his car at a very small fee.”

7) When asked about his dog, the driver defensively replied “My dog never disturb you, why you so concern[ed] about the dog?!! Whether my car got a roof or not, got aircon or not, it’s all not your concern what. Your only concern should be if you reach your destination at the cheapest rate.”.

8) The driver requested to stop before the carpark gantry, and dropped Eilyaas at a block 5 minutes away (on foot).

9) As Eilyaas was unbuckling his seatbelt, the dog jumped and bit him on the arm. However, the driver did not apologise.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Eilyaas added that the wound had caused him a sleepless night due to the pain.

10) The Grab Team was informed immediately, and Eilyaas described them as helpful. The Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) was also involved.

11) Eilyaas visited a doctor at NUH and got a tetanus shot and antibiotics. The medical bill amounted to $117.40. The original ride costs $6. As of 3.30pm today, they have suspended the driver and offered to compensate for the trip and medical bill.

A police report has also been made:


Source: Facebook

A Grab spokesman also told The Straits Times that it will reimburse Rushdan for his trip fare and medical bills and has also suspended the driver, as he had used a car not registered on the Grab platform.

Other users have shared their own experience with the same driver:

Source: Facebook


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