Netflix to stream Little Nonya, S’poreans not impressed

Netflix, thank you for killing Toggle.

By Martino Tan | December 8, 2016

If you haven’t heard, Singaporeans can now watch Mediacorp’s Chinese dramas from early 2017 on Toggle Netflix.

More than 20 Chinese tv series, including The Little Nyonya, The Dream Job and The Truth Seekers, will be available on Netflix, which has more than 86 million members in over 190 countries.

Mediacorp is certainly feeling excited, with its Chief Content Officer saying:

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to showcase our local dramas to a global audience on Netflix, and give them a taste of made-in-Singapore content. We hope to cultivate more discerning fans beyond our shores, who are looking for high-quality Asian content. Mediacorp produces some 1,600 hours of entertainment content in four languages a year. We’re excited about making more of this available to a wider audience on Netflix.”

Instead of feeling nationalistic and celebrating the fact that Singaporean content is on a global platform like Netflix, Singaporeans’ reactions are quite mixed.

Good show!

Source: Straits Times Facebook.
Source: Straits Times Facebook.

Please give this man a Tiger free Toggle Prime account.

One wonders whether there is really a global market for such made-in-Singapore content.

Source: Straits Times Facebook.
Source: Straits Times Facebook.

We thank Netflix for this experiment.

Another felt that MediaCorp is living on its past glories


Fair point. The Little Nyonya is a 2008 drama serial, roughly the same time that Netflix began to move away from its original core business model of selling/renting DVDs, and move towards streaming.

Others felt the need to advise Netflix on where they can find better regional content other than Singapore



Because it is important for you to diversify and reach audiences with more compelling glocal content.

While a few remembered that there was this Mediacorp streaming channel trying to be like Netflix

Source: ST FB
Source: ST FB


Because if you just have to pay $10.98 per month for Netflix and the best of Toggle’s shows, why do you want to fork out $9.90 per month for Toggle Prime?

Source: Mediacorp
Source: Mediacorp

Guess we don’t have to live-stream MediaCorp to death — it is already doing so by giving away its best content.

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