KiasuParent retracts her previous claim that Today did not honour her son's privacy

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Nyi Nyi Thet | December 01, 2016, 04:34 PM

Mdm Soon, the founder of Kiasuparent, is back in the spotlight once again.

She made another clarification to her previous damning open letter towards Today.

Here is the entirety of the debacle told in 3 acts.

1) Today publishes article on an interview they did with Mdm Soon after her son got his PSLE results back.

In the article, it appeared as if Soon was not going to get a Nintendo DS for her son after his PSLE score did not hit 250.

Her reasoning was such.

“She hopes that this disappointment would be a lesson for him given how he did not study as hard as he knew he should.”

Everyone got angry at her.

2) Mdm Soon clarifies her side of the story

In an open letter written on her site, Mdm Soon clarified that her son did indeed already have a DS, and implied that the reporter had eavesdropped and published the private exchange with her son.

Everyone got angry at Today.

3) Mdm Soon clarifies her clarification

After meeting with Today, Soon updated her letter to reflect some changes.

This was what she said previously.


“For those who question why I wasn’t more media savvy and cautious in my dealings with the reporter, I did request that she not reveal personal information such as my son’s score, but that request was not honoured.

Which made it seem as if Today deliberately reported the son's score despite an agreement not to.

After update

The update confirmed that Today did adhere to the request of not publishing the son's picture and name.

I had requested that my son’s name not to be revealed, and for his photo not to be taken. These requests were honoured. TODAY published the T-score as I did not ask for it not to be published.

So, they did respect the son's privacy.

Private conversation (Before)

Mdm Soon had claimed in her original open letter that some of the quotes were from a private conversation she had with her son.

It was part of a longer private face-to-face conversation with my son, which I was trying to have while a reporter stood next to me. I didn’t expect our private conversation to be fodder for a newspaper article.

Openly recorded (after)

This was apparently not the case.

I had agreed to be interviewed and accompanied on PSLE results day, 24 November, by a TODAY reporter who asked for permission on the night of 23 November. The reporter openly recorded our conversation at the school, which lasted 45minutes and 49 seconds on her recorder.

Nope, openly recorded.

Which negates almost 75% of her original open letter.

We don't think that's good enough to get her a DS.


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Top photo and screenshots from Twiter, Wikicommons

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