This website allows you to compare product prices in Sim Lim Square, so you won't get scammed again

This a game-changer.

Nyi Nyi Thet| November 25, 12:42 PM

Sim Lim Square can be an intimidating place to be in. All its horror stories of scams, extortions and overcharging aside, the number of tech shops provide a sensory overload that might prove a bit too much for first-time shoppers, or non-tech-inclined individuals.

The high barrier of understanding sometimes results in people getting scammed.

Thankfully, a new website has been set up in the hopes of simplifying the shopping process at the tech mecca of Singapore. has a pretty simple mission statement:

"We see a place where we can get pretty much any component or gadget we want, whenever we want it, without having to wait for delivery or paying insane margins to big stores."

And this is how they think their website will help.

"But what if we could make it better? What if we could spend less time trying to find stuff at Sim Lim Square, and spend more time having fun with it?"

What's on the site?

It has your typical features that include a trending column and new arrivals, both of which are nice little touches.



Merchant and inventory listings

But this is where the site really sets itself apart, from just being a directory site: it shows which shops house the product you are looking for.

Take, for example, this thumb drive:


It has a comment and review section:


But, more importantly, it gives you a price comparison of the product as offered by the shops in Sim Lim:


And, when you find a price that you like, you can go to the shop's page and see where in the sprawling labyrinth of Sim Lim it is located.


Bonus point: there is a messaging option to directly talk to the owners of your chosen store.


Sim Lim has never looked so inviting.


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