S'porean doodler creates giant cat mural on couple's new BTO flat wall

Spot the two dogs too :3

Jeanette Tan | November 09, 2016, 11:16 AM

This is Stephanie Ho, a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.

A Temasek Polytechnic graduate, she worked for awhile as an in-house designer with two companies before striking it out on her own, and has since gone on to create things like this:


And also this:

Ho is part of the Band of Doodlers, a local group who has also done some pretty epic wall work, which you can see more of here.

But we're here to talk about a wall mural she painted on the wall of a couple's new Build-to-Order flat, just before they moved in.

Ho was commissioned by the couple to create what she calls a "meowtain" — a mountain of cats. Here's her finished product, which she worked on from scratch with Nippon Odorless All-in-One paint, over a period of six hours:

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Ho Photo courtesy of Stephanie Ho

(By the way, can you spot the two dogs? There's a Labrador, who belongs to the husband's family, and a Shih Tzu, the wife's pet who has passed on, added on the couple's request.)

Ho recorded her work in a cool timelapse that shows her working on it from start to finish, and we all love a good timelapse, so here it is:

We think it's meowvellous, and completely worth the S$1,000 the couple paid for it :]

Wanna get one too? Ho, who works under her moniker Muffinsaurs, is open for business, but with art direction and colour it'll cost you more.


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