Singapore designer showcases hijab collection on Tokyo fashion runway

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Mandy How | November 24, 2016, 02:33 PM

Nur Hanis, along with her husband Haikal Aziz, are the Singaporean owners of Meem Clothings, an online apparel boutique based locally.

Selling mostly hijabs and scarves, they base their collections on the key principles of simplicity and modesty.

And their latest collection - the Suminagashi series - is designed exclusively for the first ever Tokyo Modest Fashion Show.

Source: Facebook Source: Facebook

 The designs are inspired by the Japanese marbling art of ink dropping, or "Suminagashi", the eponymous title of the collection, resulting in a seamless amalgamation of the two cultures.


The internet has been showing her plenty of love:



But being the breeding grounds of dissension, there have been detractors online as well:



We're still proud of you, though, Nur Hanis, for putting Singapore on the international fashion map! Keep doing what you're doing.

You can watch the AJ+ video on Facebook here:

Top image from Neem Clothings Facebook.

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