Man who sold ex-girlfriend’s chair also placed himself on sale on Carousell because baller

Preloved, not used.

Nyi Nyi Thet | November 15, 2016 @ 10:47 pm


You might have read about the man who sold his ex-girlfriend’s reclining chair to hilarious results.


Well, while the selling of the chair might be symbolic of letting go, there also has to be rebirth.

This is where Yee’s next item on Carousell might come into play.

He put himself on Carousell

Yup, after getting rid of his ex-gf’s chair, Ralph Yee is attempting to sell himself off.


This is his description of the good himself.

Used but not abused.
Condition: 8
Size: 170cm

Good for long term family planning, insurance plan selection, cooking, cleaning, cuddling, buying you breakfast, deep existential discussions about the fleeting nature of happiness and mornings pondering about the absurdity of life.

5% Boyfriend, 95% Husband material – RARE FIND.

100% Authentic, i dont cheat. 😉

Can try first to see if can fit.

“I’m sure whoever it is, they’ll be so lucky to have you.” – satisfied exgirlfriend


Sounds like a great deal. And more importantly:


He’s free, both as a person, and monetarily speaking.


The interest in Yee seems to be rather strong, with many potential buyers asking to meet up.



Like most preloved products on Carousell, there are some kinks to be worked out, a fact that Yee readily admits to.




And, he has the all important stamp of approval from previous buyers.


Listing of the year.


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