S’pore just had its first driverless car accident; some taxi drivers gloat on Facebook

A bump in the road.

Nyi Nyi Thet | October 18, 2016 @ 01:07 pm

Singapore became the first country to try out driverless taxi trials on August 25.

The trials are only available around One North, and involve buildings such as the Mediacorp Campus and the Genome building.

Well, it’s another milestone today, as the first motor accident involving a driverless car occurred in Singapore.

Here is the incident

A post on the Facebook group, Singapore Taxi Drivers showed an accident involving a driverless car and a lorry.

Image from Singapore Taxi Driver's FB group
Image from Singapore Taxi Driver’s FB group

The silver car is most probably the model designed by nuTonomy.

Image from Nutonomy
Image from Nutonomy

While the details aren’t clear, the man who took the picture gave his take on the incident.



Now we have to stress, this accident occurred firmly in the trial period of the driverless car initiative in Singapore, so it isn’t wholly unexpected.

Some taxi drivers on the Facebook group however, saw the accident for what it was.

A menace to road etiquette



And the proof that technological advancement is stupid



It’s only a matter of time


With one even leaving a cryptic warning


Well, that escalated quickly.


All images from Singapore Taxi Drivers

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