Local netizens raised more than $80,000 to help 16-year-old Thai girl in hospital

Kind-hearted donors had contributed almost $80,000 within in a week.

By Guan Zhen Tan | October 6, 2016

Who says that Singapore is an uncaring society?

A whopping amount of $80,000 had been raised within a week on crowdfunding website GIVEAsia, after local netizens read the news about a 16-year-old Thai girl’s unfortunate accident.

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Screenshot via

Aroonrak Jattanathammajit ,16, was hit by a car on Sept 18 when she was on her way to visit an old folks home in an activity that was organised by her school.

The San Yu Adventist School student, currently in the KK Women’s and Children’s hospital, had already undergone two brain surgeries, and is now transferred to a normal ward where she is showing signs of recovery.

Crowd-funding campaign

Enter Dennis Yeo, who after learning about her story decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to ease the financial burden of Aroonrak’s parents.

Yeo, who works in a non-profit organisation, told The New Paper that his heart broke when he learnt about the family’s plight.

Aroonrak’s medical bills has since tallied up to $60,000. As a foreign student, she does not have subsidies, and insurance only covers a fraction of her growing medical bills.

One can only imagine the financial burden her parents has to face as her parents were already $80,000 in debt after sending her to study in Singapore.

Dennis had since posted an update, informing all donors that KK hospital had agreed to the donation arrangements and that Aroonak’s parents were grateful:


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Let’s wish that Aroonrak will have a speedy recovery.


Top photo from Dennis Yeo’s crowdfunding page 

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