Beer server at Hougang kopitiam has a heart of gold for the elderly

Straight out of a fairy tale.

Joshua Lee | October 18, 2016 @ 09:19 pm

Shin Min Daily News reported on a beer server at a Hougang kopitiam who has a heart of gold.

In the video, the beer lady, Li Yan, is seen spooning noodles into a spoon and patiently feeding an elderly woman.

According to Shin Min, Li Yan came to know of this elderly woman when she was working in Punggol a year ago. She later found out that the elderly woman was sick. 

Whenever Li Yan saw her eating at the coffeeshop, she would volunteer to help feed her.


Four months ago, Li Yan was transferred to the current Hougang kopitiam. The elderly woman and her husband would specially take a taxi down to Hougang to see her.

According to the the interview that Li Yan gave Shin Min, the elderly woman likes her a lot, so her husband feels comfortable entrusting her to Li Yan while he goes about his daily activities.

Li Yan is happy to spend time with the elderly aunty and hopes to bring some joy to her daily, which would be beneficial for the elderly woman’s health. Li Yan opines that even though work is tough, it is the responsibility of young people to take care of the elderly, especially ones parents.

Reactions by netizens have been very positive, with many encouraging Li Yan and thanking her for her good deed.




All photos from Facebook video screen grabs

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