14 glorious bread puns so bad, you’ll roll on the flour loaf-ing

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Daniel Ho | October 24, 2016, 10:58 AM

Bread. Our love and joy.

When all else fails, those fluffy, baked blobs of dough are our go-to source of comfort and familiarity.

Perfect afternoon snack to go with your tea or coffee? Kaya toast.

Healthier alternative to instant noodles? Bread and spread.

Kid going on a field trip?

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I mean, how can anyone resist the sound of a knife slicing its way through this golden-brown, crusty exterior?

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Such is the popularity of bread, the Internet has gone crazy punning it up. Just like how we take affectionate jibes at our closest friends.

This bright and cheerful morning, get bread-y as we bring you this midweek tribute to our favourite doughy friends with some of the worst bread puns ever to grace the World Wide Web:

1. Loafers

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Source: Pinterest

2. Tower of Bagel + Leaning Tower of Pita

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Source: Instagram

3. Yo-dough.

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4. Baking Bread

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5. Gingerbread house

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Source: CHEEZburger

6. You’re my butter half.

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7. Bread Pit

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8. Bun Jovi

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9. Purebread.

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Congratulations! Because you’ve survived till this point, here’s a bonus list of true blue Singaporean bread puns, just for you.

(Because must support local ma, hor?)

10. Pau-der-puff girls (Sugar, spice, and everything nice!)

BreadTalk adv 13

Source: Pinterest

11. Bread Torque (No, not a publicity stunt for BreadTalk.)

BreadTalk adv 14

Source: Kodabar DayZ blog

12. This bread is so punny it is second to naan.

BreadTalk adv 15

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13. Ah Lemak?! (Legit. This new bread by BreadTalk contains nasi lemak ingredients like peanut and ikan bilis sambal. An explosion of local flavour - sedap!)

BreadTalk adv 16

Source: BreadTalk

14. SingaShake (Also by BreadTalk. This coconut custard and kaya bun is inspired by the refreshing quench of a fresh coconut on a hot, tropical day. Really looks like can drink one, wor.)

BreadTalk adv 17

Source: BreadTalk

Items 13 and 14, by the way, come from BreadTalk’s new range of award-winning, Singapore-inspired breads. Sold only in Singapore, the new breads are created in collaboration with award-winning Taiwanese masterchef Johnny Chen Yung-Hsin, who took home the coveted Mondial du Pain (nope, not World of Pain. It’s World of the Bread) championship title in 2015.

The unique breads make use of familiar local ingredients such as longan, coconut custard, kaya, peanut and ikan bilis sambal. While some of these may sound unusual for breads, we put our taste buds to the test and found them surprisingly appetising.

BreadTalk adv 18

Source: BreadTalk

And since we’re on the topic of puns, the buns also happen to be named in extremely punny ways - “First Love (loaf)”, “Circle of Life”, “Five Blessings”, “SingaShake”, and “Ah Lemak?!”.

For the sweet-toothed:

BreadTalk adv 19

Source: BreadTalk

“First Love (loaf)”: This satisfyingly sweet treat consists of brioche dough, strawberry bo luo topping, strawberry rose filling, and flower fondant. We particularly loved the strawberry rose filling, which felt substantial yet light to the bite at the same time.

Perfect for sweethearts.

For the hipster:

BreadTalk adv 20

Source: BreadTalk

“Circle of Life”: Brioche dough, cinnamon buo luo topping, logan walnut filling, diced pistachio. Reminded us of a Christmas fruit cake, but bread version.

For the health fanatic:

BreadTalk adv 21

Source: BreadTalk

“Five Blessings”: The crowd favourite. Red quinoa dough, red yeast rice dough, walnut, pumpkin seeds, diced cheese. Super tasty, even for those of us who aren’t too big on health food.

Buns (thumbs) up!

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Top image from BreadTalk.

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