Zika map of S’pore is the opposite of Pokémon Go: If you see an icon near you, run away

Useful map.

By Nyi Nyi Thet | September 1, 2016

The number of Zika cases in Singapore has seemingly exploded overnight, with 115 cases to date.

It might get rather difficult to keep up with the new cases that spring up over the coming weeks, so someone has set up an incredibly convenient map to track every Zika case in Singapore so far.

Zika Map

The affected areas on the map are as follow.

Aljunied Cresent-Sims Drive cluster

1. Block 62 Sims Drive

2. Block 54 Sims Drive

3. Block 102 Aljunied Crescent

4. 60 Sims Drive

Kallang Way-Paya Lebar Way area

5. Paya Lebar Way

6. Kallang Way

7. Kallang Way-Paya Lebar Way area

Joo Seng Road

8. Joo Seng Road

Punggol Way

9. Punggol Way

10. Bedok North Ave 3 area

11. Bedok North Ave 3 area

12. Bedok North Ave 3

The map will be updated as new info comes along.


Top image from Google Maps

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