SQ879 flight from Taiwan not going to crash today because prophecy fake, flight got cancelled

Jucelino Nobrega da Luz is a known charlatan.

Belmont Lay | September 27, 2016 @ 07:43 pm

A self-proclaimed Brazilian “psychic” made a bold prediction in December 2014 that a plane crash will take place today, Sept. 27, 2016, close to the vicinity of Changi Airport, involving flight SQ879 arriving from Taiwan.

The man, Jucelino Nobrega da Luz, revealed this particular prediction together with other big claims a few years ago when he came out to suggest he had issued warnings about AirAsia QZ8501 and TransAsia GE235 crashes before they happened, despite flimsy evidence he ever did so.

This is his letter, supposedly dated December 2014, that he claimed to have sent to the Taiwan embassy warning about the GE235 flight, which later crashed into the Keelung River in Taipei on Feb. 4, 2015:



Point number 3 is where he name drops “Singapore” and made the prediction regarding flight “879”.

How to write a fake prediction letter

Do note that even though the date of the receipt attached to the letter showed “01/12/2014”, it is meaningless.

This is so as it could have been an old receipt attached to a letter written after the crashes took place.

Moreover, there was no documentation that the letter was ever formally sent or received by any embassy.

Jucelino’s other preposterous aviation claims include so-called predicting MH17’s downing and MH370’s mystery crash.

Years earlier, he claimed to have predicted 9/11 and Princess Diana’s death. He even sought to claim the US$25 million reward the United States dangled for information leading to Saddam Hussein’s arrest, because he claimed to have seen the ex-dictator hiding in his hometown of Tikrit — in his mind.

Worse, there is a highly-credulous, ill-informed blog post going around questioning if Singapore Airlines deliberately cancelled SQ879 in response to this prediction.

Oh, for crying out loud.

For the record, SIA did cancel their SQ879 flight — but only because there have been typhoons raging in Taiwan the past two weeks.


Check out Eva Air BR2203 as well: Cancelled too, due to the current inclement weather.

So, yes, SIA did deliberately cancel its flight — in response to weather conditions and not because of some random prediction by a known charlatan and con artist who keeps getting things wrong or keeps his real future predictions extremely vague.

On Jucelino’s website, he has compiled a list of predictions for September 2016, and surprise, surprise, it name drops Singapore again:


He could have said “dengue” and it would have been more accurate.

Folks, just because it is on the Internet, doesn’t mean it is true, ya?


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