See if you can spot familiar places in this 1987 ride through Singapore

Whoa, it's almost like you're there.

Joshua Lee | September 30, 2016, 01:44 PM

Exploration can bring a sense of excitement and wonder - which was what Michael Rogge experienced when he visited Singapore in 1949 - his first foray into the Far East. That experience was one of bewilderment - live chickens in the streets, the stench of the open sewers, the life and exuberance of the tropics.

He visited again in subsequent years and, luckily for us, Rogge has this video of a ride through Singapore in 1987. Try to see how many places you can identify in his video. The answers are below - no peeking!

1. Plaza Singapura


2. Hotel Rendezvous

3. City Hall and Supreme Court

4. Victoria Memorial Hall


5. Chinatown


6. Sri Mariamman Temple


7. Jamae Mosque


For more videos on Singapore as well as other vintage locales in the Far East, you can visit Rogge's YouTube page.


Top photo screenshot from Youtube.

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