Mystery person leaving bottles of insect repellent for Bishan residents is the hero we need

This is a beautiful gesture.

Jonathan Lim | September 9, 2016 @ 11:48 am

Neo Wei Hong found a spray bottle tied with raffia string in an elevator in Bishan. It was accompanied with a note – “MOSQUITO REPELLENT FOR BODY”.

After bravely testing it on himself, Neo shared his find on Facebook with the accompanying note:

“Omg I super love this! Saw this at one of the HDB blocks in Bishan. It seems that a thoughtful resident placed a full bottle of mosquito repellent in every lift for his/her neighbours to use given that repellents are being sold out everywhere.

Can we have more of such community spirit please? :’) Majulah Singapura!

Edit: seems like there are many questions on how legit the repellent is! There was a strong smell of lemon grass and essential oils common to other repellents so I had no qualms about using it. My skin hasn’t corroded and I’m able to magically scare away mosquitoes. So there”

In case super skeptical Singaporeans remain super skeptical whether the contents of the repellent contained harmful ingredients, the Samaritan who placed the bottle there sent private messages to Neo sharing the ingredients of the repellent:



Talk about gotong royong/ kampung spirit in the social media age.

Here’s Neo’s Facebook post:


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