6 useless myths about hair that you probably don’t believe but still do

We review these BS so that you can do other things. Like work.

Gerald Chan | September 24, 2016, 09:58 AM

For some reason hair seems to be extremely important when it comes to us humans. Some might go to great lengths to preserve what little they have left.

Like to Yun Nam Hair Care. Or this:


Why? Because when it comes to your crowning glory, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Like these:

1. Rubbing stuff on your head

baby-hair-cut-gif What have you done with my hair??

Shave the baby’s head and rub it down good with whisky to ensure good hair growth. Depending on your culture, the common trait seems to be always rubbing something on a baby’s head.

Can anyone attest to its effectiveness? A baby’s hair will always grow back so it really makes no difference.

Please. Don’t waste the whisky.

And we honestly have no idea where this remedy came about. It probably has got to do with all the leftover drinks that are served at a baby shower so better not let the drinks go to waste.

2. Cutting your hair every other day

oh_god_there_is_so_much_hair_on_the_ground1 MFW I enter BMT on the first day

Which one of the following equations is the undeniable truth?

More haircuts = More money for hairdressers

More haircuts = More hair

We rest our case.

The trouble is when you go for a haircut, it’s the hair that’s already grown out from the root which is cut. So it’s looking quite unlikely that the more frequent the haircuts, the more hair grows.

If this were true then every army boy would be sporting Afros after BMT.

3. Changing shampoo products every other day

hair-shampoo-prank Rinse and repeat to the power of infinity

Let’s do this again:

Frequent changing of shampoo = More money for shampoo manufacturers

Frequent changing of shampoo = More hair

Get it now?

Honestly, apart from fragrance and personal preference, it’s unlikely the body would “get used” to a particular shampoo.

4. Daily usage of hair products that probably have no impact on your hair


If washing your hair with different shampoo daily isn’t enough, you’re probably the type that has 1001 hair products lying around.

If slathering on large amounts of hair gel and hairspray that supposedly contain “nourishing nutrients” is your kind of thing to look good, you’re doing it wrong.

Think about it, with so much foreign stuff on your head for at least eight hours a day probably isn’t doing your scalp and hair growth any favours.

5. Letting gravity do all the work


So it goes: If hair is let down and left to dangle during bedtime, something magical would happen and hair would suddenly be encouraged to grow from their roots faster… cos gravity.

If this actually worked, then it should apply to all things in nature: Have you seen a human-sized bat that’s not Batman? Those dudes sleep upside down all the time. Guess not.

6. Head massages… not that kind


Possibly the most pleasurable sensation in the world -- getting your hair washed and having a head rub at the same time.

While shiok, there’s no real way to ascertain if more head rubs alone mean improved hair growth or preventing hair loss.

All we know is that it feels good and we could always do with more.


Even if you lived your life in the optimal hair growth promoting manner and sticking to the best tips and tricks, some things are best left to the folks who are in the business of hair growth.

If you’re worried, why not take up a free trial and have the professionals at Yun Nam Hair Care review your hair concerns? Their Herbal HairGro Treatments could be the right solution to your hair problems.

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