10 myths that S’poreans truly, madly, deeply believe in

Singaporeans and their beliefs.

Tan Xing Qi | September 15, 2016, 05:37 PM

1. One should never sleep facing the door

No better way to start a listicle than with a totally unscientific myth. But many fear the unknown and this:

pulling-leg Source

2. Give bus seats a good pat down

patting-seats Source

You can see aunties/uncles doing this – especially when someone’s rear just departed the surface of the seat. Ask them and they will tell you this: “Boy, it’s hot mah, patting will repel heat so we don’t got piles.”

Going by this logic, we can cool down significantly by patting our bodies.

3. Unions in Singapore are useless


Remember the Hock Lee bus strike and riot? It was started by the Singapore Bus Workers’ Union. Sure, that happened in 1955 – a time of great uncertainty – and the unions now are much more docile.

True and true.

But unions still fight for workers’ rights – albeit in a way that is not so dramatic or confrontational.

One Captain Ian Chan from the Singapore Maritime Officers Union (SMOU) passed away in Nov 2014 due to a heart attack on board a Hong Kong vessel along the Suez Canal. And because it’s a Hong Kong vessel, it doesn’t have an agreement with SMOU and thus made it hard for the union to ask for a proper compensation for his wife and two children.

SMOU then went international, roping in its Hong Kong union counterpart for help.

Long story short, it worked and instead of the original compensation of US$40,000, Mrs Chan was compensated US$200,000 in Aug 2015.

4. Tilting or shaking your vehicle while pumping petrol in JB saves you money

Yes, you will probably gain an extra few litres of cheaper fuel in JB when you do this:

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But do you know that filling up to the brink will damage your car engine and suspension, and become a potential fire hazard?

Think of the potential trips to the workshop. And please, stop it. You look like you are having an amorous relationship with the car.

5. New mothers cannot shower during confinement

Source Source

Long long time ago, humans don’t have the luxury to bathe in warm water. So it makes sense that new mothers don’t bathe because cold water is bad for the body. But with water heater readily available nowadays, not bathing just doesn’t make any sense anymore.

6. Nailing stuff while pregnant will lead to a miscarriage


Pregnant woman + heavy tools = NOPE. Myth or not.

7. One should always polish food off the plate

Otherwise your future partner will look like this:

pimples Source

But love is love. Okay?

8. One should not anyhowly point at the moon

bruce-lee Source

Otherwise your ears will be cut off by… Not sure who will commit such a violent act to naive, impressionable kids though.

9. Peeling apple in front of a mirror at midnight will reveal your future spouse

Source Source

Hold up, why are you even peeling an apple in the dead of the night in front of a freaking mirror in the first place? And even if you manage to see your future spouse in the mirror, you will probably be scared shitless.

Stick to Tinder, people.

10. The gahmen will monitor your votes

big-bro Source

This issue surfaces every five years. So let’s be clear once and for all: YOUR VOTE IS SECRET.

Why all the serial numbers then? According to the Elections Department, the serial numbers will counter any counterfeits and ensure the proper accounting of all ballot papers issued and cast.


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