Man brags about 'sweeping' all the Taiwanese milk tea from Tampines, Internet rages

Don't buy so much leh.

Nyi Nyi Thet | August 02, 2016, 06:52 PM

The latest trend sweeping Singapore is the Taiwanese milk tea, Chun Cui He.

This is the product in question.

milk tea Image from Chun Cui He

Just how popular is the drink?

There are apparently shortages in stock at the various 7/11 outlets it is available in, and some people are even taking to Carousell to sell the milk tea.

It is in this climate of relative shortage that Facebook user Lee published this post.

jonass hwz

It did not go down well.

Some questioned his motivation for purchasing what appears to be 80 bottles of milk tea.

jonass tea bath

Others focused on the logistical issues.

jonass 6 by 6

With a general consensus being quickly reached.

jonass siao

Lee's response

The man in the middle of the scandal appeared unfettered by all the negative reaction though.

He brought up the old adage of early birds and worms.

jonass lee argue

And accusing those who complained of not putting in enough effort.

jonass lee argue 3

Before finally asking the "haters" to block him if they weren't happy with his actions.

jonass lee argue 2

Milk tea is serious business.


Top image from Hardware Zone

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