Company pays lady in S’pore S$1000 a month to organise an event every week, somehow this is good news

She needs TM 16.

Nyi Nyi Thet | August 24, 2016 @ 02:29 pm

Funzing Singapore did a Facebook post on Aug. 23 announcing, rather gleefully, they had hired an event organiser.

According to the post, Ivy Lim, a 22-year-old from Singapore, secured a three-month contract organising events for Funzing.

The company had earlier posted the job application on their Facebook page, a job posting which they claim saw over 5,000 applications, with 3,000 from Singapore alone.

Get paid

This is the posting that attracted those thousands of applicants.

Screenshot from Funzing Singapore

Funzing, being such a fun company, might use lingo that is rather unapproachable for the common layman, so we have simplified their Facebook post.

We’re looking for an enthusiastic Pokemon Master for the FIRST EVER Pokemon Job in the world. If you’re a Pokemon fanatic, and you’re always out on an adventure catching them all, event organiser.

If this describes you or perhaps a friend you know who would be suitable for this job scope, drop us a message! Selected Candidates will get recruited and get PAID to play Pokemon go! organise events (as you should be).

Not that much

According to Funzing’s press release, Lim will get S$1,000 a month for organising four events.

The median salary for an event planner in Singapore is S$29,704 annually.

Image from
Image from

Which works out to S$2,475 a month. More than double what Lim is purportedly going to get.

A comment on a Yahoo! article summed up the general consensus to the news.


It’s a sad day when a “Pokemon Master” is getting less than half of what an event organiser is making.


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Top image from Funzing Singapore

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