Tampines lady makes fun of neighbour’s dead husband & child, throws pork at their house

This is quite disturbing.

By Nyi Nyi Thet | July 27, 2016

This might be one of the more egregious examples of a troublesome neighbour.

In a case that has allegedly gone on for six years, a YouTube user named Jane Smith uploaded a video on July 25, detailing the alleged harassment the neighbour imposed on her sister-in-law — namely taunting her with pork, spraying water on other people’s laundry and making fun of her deceased husband and child.

Now before we proceed further with the story, it is important to note that some netizens have pointed out that the lady might not be mentally sound.

Which would make this video as much a cry for help, as it is an indictment of the neighbour’s action.

The Video

Here are some of the things she did in the video.

Mock the dead husband and child


tampines 2

Spraying water on her neighbour’s clothes

All screenshots from Jane Smith's YouTube account
All screenshots from Jane Smith’s YouTube account


And allegedly throwing pork at her Muslim neighbour’s house during Ramadan

tampine 4


Here is the video:


According to the description, the police have been called to handle the lady, but have never been able to take her into custody.

Police have never been able to arrest this woman as she locks herself in her home and ignores the police. Unfortunately nothing has been resolved but this needs to stop! Please share! My family has endured enough tragedy…


Top photo from Jane Smith’s YouTube

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