Singaporean singer goes on a tv singing competition in China, absolutely kills it

He definitely has the voice.

By Nyi Nyi Thet | July 16, 2016

Nathan Hartono is no stranger to Singapore. He started off his, over a decade singing career, by clinching the Teenage Icon singing competition in 2005.

He released his debut album the next year.

While Hartono, now 25, has made waves overseas, specifically Indonesia, he has long been considered to veer more towards English songs.

Well, consider those expectations shattered.

The Voice of China

The Voice of China’s judging panel consists of Chinese megastars such as Jay Chou, Harlem Yu, Na Ying and Wang Feng.

Much like their American namesake, the four judges would be facing away from the singer, and only face them if they like what they hear.

All four turned around for Hartono’s set. With Hartono being called the complete package among other plaudits.

He ultimately chose Jay Chou as his mentor.

And this was his first performance in China. Well done.


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