Here’s the list of all the lapses & oversights the Auditor General uncovered

It's a 61-page report worth reading.

By Jonathan Lim | July 26, 2016

The Auditor-General’s Office (AGO) issued its Report of the Auditor-General for the Financial Year 2015/16 today (Jul 26).

The audit is supposed to “give assurance to the President and Parliament on the proper accounting, management and use of public resources.”

Overall the AGO said improvements must be made and greater attention to be paid in the following areas:

– Inadequate financial controls
– Weak governance over management of public funds
– Lack of oversight of administration of schemes and programmes
– Lapses in management of contracts

Here’s the list of lapses, oversights, irregularities and weaknesses mentioned in the AGO report from its Contents page:

Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth
National Arts Council
– Lapses in management of Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall redevelopment project

Ministry of Defence
– Failure to provide for CPF contributions for bonus paid
– Investments made without proper approval and evaluation

Ministry of Education
– Lapses in monitoring and enforcing scholarship bonds
– Tuition fees and study loans due not promptly recovered
– Undue delay in reviewing agency fees
– Over-contributions to sinking fund
– Inadequate monitoring of research progress

Nanyang Polytechnic
– Proper governance framework not in place and transactions with subsidiaries not at arm’s length
– Donations raised for unauthorised purposes
– Lapses in tendering and management of revenue contracts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
– Irregularities in management of and payments for telecommunication services

Ministry of Home Affairs
Singapore Police Force
– Overpayment of allowance to volunteer special constabulary officers

Ministry of Law
– Lapses in administration of assets received from nursing homes
– Weaknesses in monitoring of access to IT system

Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
– Lapses in procurement of goods and services

Ministry of Manpower
– Procured system not used resulting in wastage

Ministry of National Development
Housing Development Board
– Long delays in finalising accounts of contracts and making final payments to contractors
– Inadequate monitoring of car park operations and enforcement

Ministry of Transport
Land Transport Authority
– Weakness in controls over revenue collection at checkpoints
– Undue delay in finalisation of agreement with mass rapid transit system operator

Prime Minister’s Office
Civil Service College
– Lapses in administration of course fees
– Lapses in administration of trainer fees

Although you may look at the list and think it looks bad, but you would really need to read the full report to understand how some lapses have occurred and how the various ministries are looking to fix it.

For example, it looked like Mindef is not making CPF contributions to ALL of the bonus it pays out. But that is not the case.

The bonus in question is actually the Full Savings Vesting (FSV) Bonus paid to members on the Savings and Employee Retirement (SAVER) Plan. The FSV Bonus is payable to SAVER members who completed 10 years in service. The scheme started in 2007. After the audit, Mindef said it would make the required CPF contributions to affected members by August 2016.

But of course, motorists would be wondering whether car park charges needed to be raised had HDB done more to ensure there were less car park cheats or failures to collect fees. The AGO’s study of five industrial estate carparks between Apr 2014 and Aug 2015 revealed that 113,103 instances where vehicles were not charged parking fees and estimated the fees at $159,000.

You’re encouraged to read the full report before flying into a 1MDB-inspired rage.


Top image from Alexander Baxevanis
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