Cum removed from grassroots banner promoting 3 on 3 Grace Fu Cup

What headline did I just write?

Belmont Lay | June 09, 2016, 05:05 PM

English is a living, evolving language.

On the other hand, grassroots leaders who get arrowed volunteer to be banner designers and copywriters are living and growing old, unfortunately aren't evolving fast enough.

As a result of this retarded evolution process, they use the word "cum" on banners placed all over heartland areas — thinking it is an okay thing to do — promoting wholesome activities that inadvertently only elicit sniggers.

The most recent case in point: mrbrown shared before-and-after photos of a banner promoting "Yuhua Sports Day cum 3 on 3 Grace Fu Cup".

After the first photo made the rounds on social media on June 7, where it was roundly mocked, "cum" was removed and replaced with an ampersand:


"Cum", as it is understood by Gen X and earlier-generation grassroots types, is a Latin word meaning "combined with", or simply, "and".

More power to them, because here are our favourite grassroots banners:

Source Source

Source Source

Bukit Batok East blog Bukit Batok East blog

Bukit Batok blog Bukit Batok blog

Bukit Batok East blog Bukit Batok East blog

Sembawang Town Council Sembawang Town Council

Bukit Batok East blog Bukit Batok East blog


Ok, this last one doesn't make sense at all:

Toa Payoh RC Facebook Toa Payoh RC Facebook


Top photo via mrbrown

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