S’pore Police Force vehicles going into stealth mode

It is bad news especially if you are a douchebag who uses your mobile phone while driving.

By Belmont Lay | May 15, 2016

Causing a bit of consternation among drivers and riders online this past week are these following images purportedly showing a new breed of Singapore Police Force vehicles that are looking nothing like their usual white and clearly-marked predecessors.

First up, the Traffic Police’s traditionally white motorcycles have evolved into this stealthy matte black civilian-looking set of wheels:

According to the above post, this motorcycle was seen in action on the expressway with the traffic policeman allegedly dressed in black jacket to complement his bike.

From the front, the motorbike looks nothing like a police vehicle at all.

This, therefore, should serve as a warning to anyone contemplating flooring it on the highway or even meddling with your mobile device while on the road.

The only dead giveaway that this is, in fact, a police bike, is the lone flashing light at the back — which will probably be obscured anyway by the rider’s body if you saw it coming up from behind you via your rear and side mirrors:

Upping the ante, though, is this other vehicle pictured below, purportedly an unmarked Chrysler that was used by police:


In case you cannot see the post, this is what it said:

Becarefull everyone who drive, found this car SKC3105R driven by traffic police and this guy on the right was caught driving with his phone.

According to the post, a driver who was using his mobile phone was stopped by the Chrysler driven by the police. It is not clear, though, if this is indeed a vehicle used specifically by the Traffic Police.

But looking really dope these days, is this urban assault, riot-proof, Batmobile-looking vehicle below:

Photo by Charmaine Ang
Photo by Charmaine Ang

Not much stealth, just zombie-apocalypse-ready.


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