Massive 628-pax Japan Food Town opening at Wisma Atria level 4 in July 2016

Banzai, indeed.

By Belmont Lay | May 17, 2016

Even more authentic Japanese cuisine airlifted directly from Japan will be heading Singapore’s way.

Japan Food Town, a 628-pax dining food hall covering over 20,000 square feet on the fourth level of Isetan Singapore at Wisma Atria, is slated to open on July 16, 2016.

The S$8.5-million project is a collaboration between the Cool Japan Fund and the Japan Association of Overseas Promotion for Food & Restaurants.

The Cool Japan Fund is a public-private fund backed by the Japanese government to support projects that promote Japanese goods and culture overseas.

A total of 16 Japanese restaurants are slated to open, with 15 already confirmed.

Prices start at S$10.

Here is a list of the confirmed eateries that will be there:

1. Osaka Kitchen


This Teppanyaki speciality shop offers wagyu beef and okonomiyaki (savoury cabbage pancakes).


2. Anzu


This eatery serves fresh produce from Kyushu. Signature dishes include deep-fried black pork.


3. Bonta Bonta


This shop sells onigiri (Japanese rice balls), made with Kinmemai rice, a low-calorie brown rice. Hails from Tokyo.


4. Hokkaido Izakaya


This restaurant offers soba and Hokkaido delicacies using produce from towns such as Yakumo and Akkeshi.


5. Machida-Shoten


This restaurant from Kanagawa Prefecture sells their signature ramen cooked to diners’ preferences in a tonkotsu shoyu broth, served with a bowl of rice.

6. Tempura Tsukiji Tenka


This restaurant serves tempura and donburi.


7. Sushi Takewaka


The 28-year-old sushi shop from Tokyo’s Tsukiji market serves 30 to 40 types of sushi using more than 20 types of fish. It also serves deep-fried items such as sea urchin tempura.


8. Inaniwa Yosuke


Also known as Sato Yosuke, this shop specialises in Inaniwa udon. The thin and chewy noodles are handmade in Akita Prefecture. It has a 150-year tradition.


9. Shabu Shabu Tajimaya


This eatery serves hotpot dishes such as shabu shabu and sukiyaki.


10. Nabe Seizan


This eatery specialises in nabe or Japanese hotpot.

11. Rang Mang Shokudo


This chicken chain from Tokyo serves double-fried chicken that has been marinated in buttermilk for six hours fried twice in low heat.


12. Sabar


Sells saba or mackerel.


13. Yakiniku Heijyoen


Known for its yakiniku that uses quality beef such as Matsusaka beef from Japan.


14. Yomoda Soba


This noodle joint serves soba bowls topped with vegetable tempura.


15. Dassai Bar


A sake bar.


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