Hougang fishmonger and his family spent hours finding woman to return lost wallet

They went above and beyond what anyone expected.

Nyi Nyi Thet | May 18, 2016 @ 11:15 am

Losing your wallet is a tedious affair. You have to go through an itinerary of possible places you misplaced it and then meticulously retrace your footsteps, all the while cancelling an assortment of credit and identity cards.

That was the predicament facing Facebook user Wan Chng, who had misplaced her wallet at a hawker centre in the midst of running errands.

The flustered Chng then embarked on a series of pit stops in a bid to retrieve her wallet, before ultimately making a police report and cancelling her cards.

Luckiy enough for Chng, during her 4 hour search for the wallet, Ah Huat, a fishmonger in Hougang, along with his wife and son, had been on a similar journey of their own in order to return that very same misplaced wallet to her.

Here is Wan Chng’s account of the story on her Facebook page.

For those who can’t view the post, this is what it read.

What a day. What started out as a simple errand run turned into a cross-island merry-go-round involving a lost wallet in Bendemeer, a police report at Towner Road, multiple stops in Tiong Bahru, and finally a pickup at Bukit Panjang.

Suffice to say, a wonderful family, in the form of Cindy, her husband Ah Huat, and their son, had found my lost wallet, waited 45 min for me to show up at the hawker centre where I’d left it, decided to deliver it to my home, waited another half an hour for me to show up, left their card, and waited at home for me to finally reach mine and call them.

After cancelling and then reactivating my cards, making and then cancelling a police report, and having my poor dad drive around for 4 hours, I finally got my wallet back (it had everything in it, including my IC and house keys – I could’ve been robbed blind!) They even invited me into their home for a seat and a chat.

So the best thing I can think of as a thank you to them is to share this story, and let people know that you can find an honest fishmonger in Hougang, should you ever find yourselves in need of seafood!

Their day starts at 3am, so to spend 3-5pm chasing me around with my little pouch in hand is so much more than I could’ve asked for. Immensely grateful and so heartened that we have such warm and helpful folks in our midst.

Heart warmed.

Top photo from Wan Chng’s Facebook page

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