8 Tharman smackdowns on Chee Soon Juan at the PAP by-election rally in Bukit Batok

Apply cold water on burnt area.

Martino Tan| May 05, 10:25 PM

Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and Jurong GRC team leader Tharman Shanmugaratnam was the final keynote speaker in the People Action Party (PAP)'s last Bukit Batok by-election rally at Bukit Gombak Stadium tonight.

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Below are 8 Tharman smackdowns on Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) Secretary General Chee Soon Juan at the BE rally:

1. Central Provident Fund

2. Actual costs of unemployment insurance:

3. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

4. Tharman criticising SDP Sec-Gen Chee Soon Juan:

5. Former Education Minister Tharman criticising Chee like a school kid:

6. Wonder who is DPM Tharman referring to:

7. If Chee doesn't win in this by-election, Tharman urged him:

8. And in the actual event that SDP's Chee Soon Juan really win:


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Top photo by Ng Yi Shu.

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