Lady in S'pore goes beastmode, finishes 3.2kg burger in 45 minutes like it was nothing

Epic meal time.

Jonathan Lim| April 21, 12:33 PM

One lady. One 3.2kg burger. One hour.

Thomasina Ow slurped the burger up in just 45 minutes. Beast.

Her feat was featured on a local food challenge Facebook page - Food League Singapore.

Check out the time-lapse video of her destroying the burger and our expectations:

If you think what she did was a fluke, well you know nothing.

Here's Ow, laying waste to 10 servings of Chicken rice (3.85kg) in 27 minutes just over a week ago:

thomasina owch

thomasina owch 2


If you found the chicken rice challenge familiar, that's because the media covered 27-year-old Zermatt Neo finishing the mountain of rice in January this year:

For anyone thinking of replicating Ow or Neo's success, just don't end up like this:


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