Chee Soon Juan cuts Hokkien music video to sing his way into Bukit Batok voters' hearts

Hokkien songs FTW.

Belmont Lay | April 28, 2016, 08:06 AM

You know the Bukit Batok by-election has taken a turn for the competitive this hustings season when candidates from both parties outdo each other by relying on their musical prowess.

Singapore Democratic Party's chief and candidate Chee Soon Juan, has gone all in by making a music video to showcase his guitar-strumming skills and Hokkien words enunciation.

Starring residents and workers from Bukit Batok, the song, Ji Pa Ban (一百万), which is a trademark Chee song, is accompanied with shots portraying a healthy multi-ethnic mix of residents who help speak-sing along at various points as they wonder what they can do with a million dollars.

According to the Facebook post, the music video took two days to film in Bukit Batok estate itself.

It was put together in a supposedly ad-hoc fashion by Tay Bee Pin, the filmmaker who was responsible for an 18-minute short film, Behind The Man, on Chee's personal life and family that was a hit online during last September's General Election 2015.

Murali Pillai, the candidate Chee is running against this by-election, had also previously showcased his own musical prowess.

He did a rendition of something on the piano:


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