All visitors to Singapore will soon have to scan both thumbprints at immigration

Automated clearance users won't be affected by this, though.

Jeanette Tan| April 18, 12:13 PM

Starting Wednesday, visitors aged six and up entering Singapore via sea and land will have both their thumbprints scanned and collected when they enter and exit the country.

In a press release issued Monday morning, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority says it will first roll out a system called BioScreen at the passenger halls of sea and land checkpoints, and will do so later on for airports and air bases in the months that follow.

For now, at the Woodlands and Tuas land checkpoints, the system will be installed at manned immigration counters inside first. Those entering Singapore in cars, motorcycles or lorries will have a bit more time before they have to start scanning their thumbprints, the ICA added.

Are Singaporeans and PRs affected?

Well, if you have problems with your thumb print and can't use automated clearance, then yes, you have to also scan both your thumbprints at the manned immigration counters alongside everyone else.

If you've been using our automated immigration clearance gates, though, all's good and nothing should change for you. This extends to any foreigners with special multiple-visit passes (like the ones we told you about last year) too.

What this does mean for people who need to use the manned immigration counters, though, is that the immigration clearance process is going to become slightly slower than usual. ICA promises to monitor this and adjust their processes as and when necessary, though.


Top photo courtesy of Immigration and Checkpoints Authority

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