10 things your mother says that annoy you but it’s really just her saying ‘I love you’

Because mom knows best.

Jonathan Lim | April 18, 2016 @ 02:20 pm


Mother’s Day is next month. But do you need only one day a year to really appreciate your mom? She makes every day a “You Day” so why not show some appreciation every morning?

Or you should at least respond whenever she says the following things that annoy you:

its for your own good!
We begin with the be-all-end-all liner that mothers use. This one-liner wins all arguments.


Adapted from Timothy Tsui
Adapted from Timothy Tsui

Just got home? Go drink soup.
Headed out? Drink some soup first.
Full from dinner? Drink more soup.



not home still
Adapted from Sabbian Paine

It matters not we live in one of the safest countries in the world. To moms, everybody turns into a potential murderer/ robber/ rapist the moment the sun goes down.


jump off bridge
Adapted from a snap happy chappy

When you are 10 years old, this logic is infallible. You just can’t win. And when you attempt to use this logic against your mother, she has the best comeback below:



Adapted from verkeorg
Adapted from verkeorg

She may just open the front door and dare you to go find another mother.



Adapted from Ellen Munro
Adapted from Ellen Munro

In cold countries, your mom would expect you to wear no less than 10 million layers.

In Singapore, your mom expects you to wear enough layers so that you will die from heatstroke, but she will not die from embarrassment from gossipy neighbour-aunties.


Adapted from Andrew Parnell
Adapted from Andrew Parnell

First things first, we at Mothership.sg believe that as long as you do anything with passion, you will be duly rewarded.

Some mothers are not as forward thinking, but they do it out of a genuine concern for their child. There can only be that many professional jugglers our economy can support.



Adapted from Emma Craig
Adapted from Emma Craig

You don’t want to know what happens after she says 3.


cane daddy
Adapted from souvenirsfromsg

Do you listen to mommy or do you want to gamble that daddy is too lazy to cane you?



Finally, here’s the one thing that we are sure every mother has used before on their children.

It’s so versatile it can be used for any occasion to show her annoyance or disapproval of your actions:



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